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Lizzie and Jarrett
Lizzie and Jarrett

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Our Story

Lizzie and Jarrett met the same way so many do these days, online. They matched on a dating app called Bumble in May 2021. Lizzie asked Jarrett the best opening question he had ever gotten:

“Which do you think will happen first, the climate going to hell or an alien invasion?”

Little did she know at the time, but he was already smitten. The next hours melted away as they chatted about everything under the sun. No topic off limits. No question too weird. After a few days of this, enough was enough and they needed to meet.

Fast forward a bit to May 27, 2021. The plan was to meet up at Capitol Ale for drinks. It was 7pm, Lizzie had an awful day at work and nearly cancelled. But she remembered the text discussions and figured at worst she’d have a good meal and an interesting conversation.

Well, I guess it turns out she was right! It was the best first date either of them had ever had. The drinks came and went, as did the food but they just kept on talking, only leaving when informed the restaurant was closing. It was a great date. They departed the restaurant, chatted for a few mins outside before sharing their first kiss and going their separate ways. Suffice it to say their mutual interest was unambiguous.

And May 27, 2021 was not an outlier either. Every day, every moment has been better than the last. It took a while for Jarrett to build the courage, but after just over two years he asked Lizzie to marry him during a birthday trip for Lizzie in Charlottesville. He had been carrying the ring around for months and just couldn’t take it any longer. And luckily for him, she had been hoping for the same thing. He showed her the ring and told her he wanted to spend his life with her. And Lizzie, having been patiently waiting for this moment for a while, gave an emphatic “YES!”.

And well… The rest, as they say, is history!